Do you know where your screws are made?

When you deal with Visqué, you know that every production run takes place in our Montreal facility.

As the manufacturer, we have a direct relationship with our OEM clients. We apply our 40 years of know-how to manufacture fasteners based on our customers’ design specifications. We test every lot to ensure compliance. We can assist OEM customers with their designs to help them produce a suitable fastener for their application.

Should an issue arise, Visqué is there to fix it. Within days. When you deal with a distributor you have no connection to the factory where your screws are made. You must rely on a long supply chain with many players in between you and the factory.

Visqué: a History of Excellence

Since 1982, Visqué has manufactured fasteners in Montreal, Canada. Our growing market share led to an expansion in 1988, and expanded again in 2013 in a building of 65,000 square feet to keep up with the demand.

Our customers include major players in the construction, household appliance, electrical, heating, transportation, window and door, furniture and lighting industries. Many of these customers found us by accident when their previous supply chain was broken and their old distributor let them down. They are now lifetime customers because Visqué stepped in to help when nobody else could.

Specialist Fastener Services with a Local Advantage

When you're looking for a reliable supplier for your fasteners, chances are you haven’t considered a North American manufacturer.

Visqué is going to change your outlook. We're confident that using us once will be enough to convince you of the quality of our products and make you love our customer service.

There are two costs when you buy fasteners: the unit price, and the hidden price. The unit price is simple to understand. We’ll put it simply: Visqué is not necessarily the cheapest supplier.

But what about the hidden cost? Lead times for distributors importing fasteners from Asia can be 20 weeks and more. Typically, a distributor has no control over the manufacturing of the products. There are many middle men between the factory and you, and multiple places where the supply chain can break, leaving you scrambling for an emergency alternative.

Visqué's typical order turnaround is 8-10 weeks. In an emergency, we can supply your needs within DAYS. If there's any problem with your fasteners, we are right at your doorstep, with specialist staff at your disposal to resolve your issue, and get the factory productive again in the shortest possible time.

What is that worth to you?

Visqué manufactures 24 hours per day, and produces over 90 million parts per month with a capacity of 130 million parts per month.

Our Experienced Team is Here For You

Visqué demands the highest standards of production and customer service and to achieve that, we need great people. We are fortunate to have built and retained a world-class team of many talented individuals.

Visqué is constantly investing in the training and development of our staff to keep raising our standards for you, the customer.

Our trilingual (English, French and Spanish) staff are looking forward to helping you fulfill your fastener needs.

We are certified ISO 9001 by BSI

Visqué holds Certificate #FM 746330 and operates a Quality Management System which complies with requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for the scope of Manufacturing of industrial metal fasteners and distribution of fasteners hardware...making excellence a habit.

Please feel free to contact any of us directly.


We know how to manufacture fasteners to meet OEM needs.


Specialist staff at your disposal to resolve your issues and improve your factory productivity.


Order turnaround is 8 -10 weeks. In an emergency, we can supply your needs within days.

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